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Articles featured in this issue:

Risk of retirement longevity

Maximising investment returns over a longer life expectancy

 Inflation-proofing your portfolio

One of the biggest threats to the health of your investments

Retirement matters

Staying invested and giving your money the greatest chance to grow

How would you cope without an income?

Make sure you’re ready should the unexpected happen

Building a strategy that meets your financial needs

Preparing ourselves for life to be really strange for some time

Preserving your wealth

Once you have acquired your wealth, the last thing you want to do is lose it through poor asset protection

How sustainable is your portfolio?

Increased investor focus on environmental, social and governance considerations

Thinking ahead

How our retirement plans may change in response to the coronavirus pandemic

 Retirement freedoms

Ensure your future income will allow you to enjoy the lifestyle you want

Financial fallout from COVID-19

Impact on the nation’s wealth and financial security

Top 10 countries to retire to abroad

Living in a place where the lifestyle and cost of living matches your financial situation

Rise of the female breadwinner

Women now earn the most in one-in-four households

Protecting your retirement plans

Don’t let coronavirus derail your financial future

Mind the knowledge gap

Some people still struggle to make informed retirement decisions

Freeing up extra money

Home is where the heart and tax-free wealth is!

Family finances

Traditional spending and saving habits have been turned upside down

Planning a move abroad?

Undertaking what is required takes a great deal of thoughtful consideration

Presenteeism during lockdown

Levels reach record highs in organisations as stress at work rises

Hurting from home

Is the ‘new normal’ having an adverse effect on your health?

Time in the market, not timing the market

Don’t get distracted from staying focused on your investment goals

Looking to the future

Successful life planning also requires a significant degree of financial planning

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